Street name: Acid, Acid – tabs, Trips, and design names e.g. 'Strawberries'

Street form: Considerable local variation: paper squares, microdots, tablets

Street use: By mouth

Drug effect: Hallucinogen

Dependency: No evidence of physical dependency

Withdrawal: Trips begin up to one hour after dose and last for 2 – 12 hours depending on strength. Tolerance develops quickly after a few days so that further doses are ineffective. No physical/psychological withdrawal symptoms reported.

Long-term use: Can result in flashbacks. Temporary psychological disturbance with heavy use.

Overdose risk: Only one recorded overdose death worldwide, although suicides and accidental deaths also reported.

Legal status: LSD is a Class A controlled drug. This means it is an offence to possess the drug or to supply it to others.

Maximum penalty:

For possession: Seven years and/or unlimited fine

For dealing: Life and/or unlimited fine.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a user has a 'bad trip', it helps to reduce all external stimulation to a minimum – low lighting and noise levels.Users with a family history of mental illness run the risk of triggering long - term psychological illness.